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With the realization that I maybe deemed crazy for blogging the most colorful fall engagement session at the cusp of summer… I just couldn’t help myself. I mean, when isn’t autumn in Michigan completely dreamy?? Okay good I’m glad we agree.

We just had the best time with Sean&Rachel. As if it’s not obvious from these photos, we laughed basically 90% of our time together. These two have an infectious energy (and overall goofiness!) about them. It’s absolutely the best. They make it so easy to be around them – there’s just no possible way to not smile and laugh. So at the end of their June wedding I should have abs of steel. Or really sore cheeks. I’ll let you decide which one.

Sean&Rachel – thanks for inviting us along. In addition to being way too much fun, you have the ability to serve and love those around you together so well… and that’s simply the best. :)

Much love,













Well, hello!

Hope you’re all easing back in to post-Memorial Day life with a lovely Tuesday! Shall we call it the potato salad detox? Great. Because my amazing mother-in-law happened to make 15 pounds of potatoes worth of absolutely divine potato salad and I may or may not have made a couple meals out of the leftovers.

So, on our end over here, we’ve got a couple more weeks of calm before we hit the eye of the wedding season storm. It’s a mix of emotions, really. Mostly, I’ve got a whole lot of nervous excitement going on. I’m ready and prepared and rested – so for that we have the excitement. (That and the fact that EVERY SINGLE ONE of our clients are the coolest people on planet earth and WHAT I get to photograph their wedding day?! Pinch me.) And on the other end – this time of the year always lends to an insane amount of dizzy little butterflies for all the unknowns. New situations, new people, a thousand opportunities to stretch myself and try new things… all while hoping the outcome results in a better photographer, wife, and friend. Holy moly. Beautiful nerve-wracking chaos. I love it.

In the meantime though, I have a whole slew of engagement sessions that I have yet to blog! So I’ll be sharing those in the next couple weeks or so. And probably in no particular order, so bear with me if the seasons are all over the place. (Not that this would be weird for Michigan anyway, haha)

First, meet Matt&Michele! Their wedding will be ending our wedding season this year, and I think it will be just perfect. Before this session we had only Skyped, and you really wouldn’t have guessed it. They were so delightfully comfortable with my camera alllll up in their space, and we laughed like old friends. :) Honestly, I think it has everything to do with how crazy they are about each other. They act and speak and look at each other like best friends. It was so cold outside, and they were up for whatever. Which is probably a good thing since they’re rockin’ an end of December wedding!


Dog with a bow tie. Maybe the best photo request ever.

Thanks for letting me adventure you around in the freezing Michigan cold, you guys. And thanks for trusting me and laughing with me like we’d hung out together for much longer than one Skype meeting ;) it meant a lot, and I’m beyond excited for your beautiful December wedding!

Much love,









Michele, you are insanely gorgeous! You’re going to be such a stunning bride.


(**Also, for those who follow #TunageTuesday – that’s coming tomorrow! I’m allowed to be one day off just like the postal service for a holiday, right?? Sweet. Thanks. Knew you’d understand.)


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